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Support Our Main Specialized Areas


  • Define BRD, SRS, SDD etc..
  • Optimizing a Work Flow
  • ERP, CRM etc…
  • System Architecture
  • Software Design Engineer
  • Front End, BackEnd Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Health Informatics
  • Satellite Communication Eng.
  • Documentation and Training
  • TA (Technical Assistance)


  • Technical Support
    • Any Technology
  • Capacity Building
    • Training
    • Mentoring
  • Documentation
    • Training Manual
    • Technical Guide
    • Report
  • Deployment
    • Installation
    • Network and software configuration
  • Maintenance
    ⋅ • Fix issues
    • Stable the system
    • Monitor the system


  • System Management
    • Performance
    • Utilization
    • Auditing
  • Sites Management
    • 24/7 operational
    • Monitoring
  • Project Management
    • Running parallel project simultaneously
  • Resource Management
    • Software
    • Hardware
    • People

Web Application

PluseTechs understood the power of information and builds first class websites and web apps to propagate the desired message in any digital format such as image, data, video and voice. PulseTechs architect, design, implement and deliver the website in different sectors; such as Health Care, Education, Transport, Energy, Financial and other government Institutes.

  • Development
  • Network
  • Security
  • Web Hosting
  • Cloud
  • Training


Web App

PulseTechs design and develop Web apps, Mobile apps and websites including (HealthCare /Education/ Transport /Energy) systems


Convert any standard Apps to Web Apps


Mobile Application (IOS / Android)


Website (Level-1 to Level-5)

Web Host

Provide secured and stable web hosting solution

Managment System

Grant, Mysql, Sql Database Management System


Assured access and Connectivity, PulseTechs can address the most demanding global connectivity challenges and sudden infrastructure crises using VSAT technologies. Those affected by earthquakes, refugee situations and other mother nature causes are often shortly without infrastructure. PulseTechs will bridge these gaps providing instantly deployable connectivity or long-term access solutions. And connected to WAN, MAN, LAN

  • Design Layout TCP/IP Network Infrastructure
  • Design and Implement physical and logical elements
  • Performance, optimization and utilization
  • Monitor and log traffic
  • SNMP


What is the best approach Network Security to your Organization The growth of the Internet has brought many ways in which networks can be compromised and data stolen. Hackers specially targets Financial, Insurance, Health Care and other sectors plus identity theft. PulseTechs can stop and protect this threats by applying NIST security framework to protect the data packet itself and devices that are connecting to the network.

h4>Design and implement NIST security Framework



Perform Penetration Test

Implement Harding

Implement Encryption (3DES/AES)

Perform Venerability test

IT Auditing

We All Need Access and Electronic Records

But most of African nation has no way to connect and soon enough to transform the manual work process into electronic records. PulseTechs is on a mission to bridge the digital divide in electronic records in this nation the next few years. Since African contents lack of basic needs like communication infrastructure, education, health care, transportation and enery. PulseTechs align its mission to uncover this burrier and transform these sectors into electronic records, regardless of connection up or down. PluseTechs is aware of network and connections issues in the entire African contents and uses the latest and greatest technologies that enable the application to synchronize and functions weather connection is up or down. Not yet, PulseTechs not putting aside the website and mobile application significance of information disseminate through them. PulseTechs develop website and mobile apps to support these sectors that promote, inform, educate and extend their services in rural area as well by combined VSAT technologies.

Our team People behind PulseTechs Technology

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Seid Amin


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Hajira Amin

Health Info Specialist

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Rihana Amin

Telecom / Energy Specialist


PulseTechs HMIS (Health Management Information System) Web Application software kit address the most objective Hospital computerized elements. PulseTechs categorize these objectives as follow

What is the right choice of energy, The world is migrating from manual interaction to digital process and transfer to modern and smart cities, thus we would like to stay connected and access all the time. Due to this and other reason the energy demand is growing sharply and PluseTechs bridge this needs by manage energy separately Grid, Solar and Hybrid mode as well.

PulseTechs is aware of the connection and access issues in African contents. Thus PulseTechs develops a system that work in this type environment to overcome the access issue and uses VSAT technology to solve connectivity issue as well.

Solution Software Development Make it all Possible

Software System

All manual work flow transform into electrical records. We are heavily invested in solving the latest Digital Transformation challenges, from on-prem to Cloud and everything in between!

Workflow management and optimization

We study each sectors manual work flow and optimize it in precise manner and transform it into electronic records.

PulseTechs automates the manual process into electronic records using latest and greatest web apps technologies.

PulseTechs keeps connecting and accessing all basic services anywhere, anytime using PulseTechs Mobile Apps

PulseTechs builds communication infrastructure using TCP/IP frame work and VSAT technologies to access and keep connected all the time.

PulseTechs understand the significant of information and develops first class website to disseminate and share information regardless of time and GEO location across the globe.

PulseTechs uses VSAT technology during natural disaster time and rural area to provide and resume basic service in health care, education, transportation and energy sectors.

PulseTechs use NIST Security Frame works to guards the physical device and data. Also expose the threats by performing Penetration Test.

PulseTechs provides Solar Power solution to overcome energy needs in African nations.